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art fusion III – This is a piece from a current series that I’ve been working on called art fusion. It is a double exposure of two different paintings that were hanging in the Whitney Museum. Perhaps this could be called pop art. I’ll stick with art fusion 🙂
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art fusion III

My dual role – tour guide & photographer

As a licensed New York City tour guide, I am constantly keeping my eyes and ears open to what’s going on in this city. As much as one person can do. It’s not enough to just memorize some historical, architectural and cultural facts. As a photo tour guide , I must also think in terms of what’s interesting to photograph. Those things that are unique to this city but maybe not well know. It is the combination of my love of this city and my passion for photography that make my tours unique. Or at least I think so! But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can read some of the many reviews that I’ve received from previous clients!

big yellow taxi

truly madly deeply

truly madly deeply – I must be clueless, as I have no idea what the significance is of the locks that are found everywhere. Well yes, it’s obviously about love! But how or why it got started is a mystery to me. This was taken on a recent photo tour. There’s not lack of interesting things that we come across out there on a photo tour! To see more information on my photo tours go to the above link. 

truly madly deeply

It’s always about having fun

Whether you take a Workshop with me, go on a Photo Tour or take my Composition and the Art of Photography classes online, it’s always about having fun! I encourage experimentation, trying new things. Even making mistakes. Creativity is not about predictability. And it’s always about discovering new ways to express yourself, your vision. My passion and enthusiasm for photography is one of the many things that I share. And I work with you to help you achieve your personal style and vision.

bicycle selfie shadow

enjoy every second

A review from David – we had a great time touring and shooting Harlem.
“Leanne, I wanted to thank you for your expert assistance on our photoshoot in El Barrio and Harlem on June 25, 2015. Mike, Bruce and I got some excellent shots we would not have gotten if it weren’t for your guidance through these interesting areas. Prior to our engaging you, we looked at several others who either weren’t willing, or did not understand what photographers would be interested in seeing and taking photos of in these areas. We will definitely call on you again the next time we are in NYC. – David, Florida” You can join my upcoming Harlem Workshop
enjoy every second.jpg

gotta love photography!

One of the great things about photography is that there’s always something new to do. New techniques to try out. Different things to photograph and different ways to process photos. These are some of the many things that we explore when you take a workshop or tour with me. It doesn’t matter what your previous experience is. There’s always something new!!! Gotta love photography!

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Harlem Photo Workshop 20 March

This photo is from a recent Harlem Tour! We had a fabulous day shooting, talking and meeting people on the street. We also discussed photographic techniques and about the history and people of the neighborhood. There are some spaces available for my upcoming Harlem Workshop on Sunday 20 March. Click the previous link for more information or to register.

Patricia, Leonor and Luc 2