On a recent photo tour

I recently had a photo tour in Chinatown with some fabulous photo students from Norway! We focused on street photography and urban landscapes. We had great fun and they are preparing an exhibit of the photos they took in New York City. Oh I wish I could go to Norway to see it! I have many different suggested tours and I also create tours to suit your interests. And you can see many reviews of my tours on the site.best-for-the-worst

It’s a big city!

I have many different suggested tours of New York City including the East Village, Alphabet City and Lower East Side Tour. All tours can be customized and we can also start from scratch and design a tour to suit your interests. The lower east side of Manhattan has always been a favorite of mine. There’s so much history and it is a vibrant neighborhood. You can see more information on my site about my tours and also contact information.the-bowery

Brighton Beach Street Photography

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop is in Brighton Beach on Sunday 4 December. Little Odessa is a throw back to another era and a truly unique neighborhood in New York City. It is fabulous for street photography and exploring a rich culture and fabulous food! I’m dreaming about a bowl of Borscht now! The workshop is limited to 6 people.afternoon in Little Odessa

Review by Jerome, Connecticut

“A great day of photography in New York City! My friends I had the pleasure to take a photo tour in NYC with Leanne Staples from Shoot New York City. This is the third time I’ve ventured out with Leanne and it is always a fun day in New York.

Each time I have been impressed with her ability to spot to photographic opportunities. Leanne readily shares her knowledge of photography and we all came home with great pictures of the city. She is a street photography guru!

I strongly recommend taking a tour with Leanne. Note that…Although I find cold weather to be pretty intolerable, I’m actually considering taking a winter tour with Leanne…this is an endorsement.” – Jerome, Connecticut http://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/reviews/2016/11/20/review-by-jerome-connecticut11-mercer-street

on Houston Street

In New York City we have some amazing street art! This photo was taken on a recent photo tour in Soho. There’s always something new and unique from neighborhood to neighborhood. The Soho and Greenwich Village Photo Tour is one of many suggested tours. The possibilities are endless! And all tours are customizable to your specific interests. You can also see reviews on my site to see the experiences of previous tour customers.on-houston-street

Soho & Greenwich Village Photo Tour

The Soho & Greenwich Village Tour is fabulous for street photography and urban landscapes. So much beautiful architecture! This photo is from a recent photo tour there. There are so many options for neighborhoods to shoot the neighborhoods of New York City! You can find more information about my suggested tours and we can also create a tour from scratch based on your interests. You can also see a number of reviews from previous tour customers on my site.which-way