The New Year!

Did it go too fast or too slow? I took about 20,000 photos this year not including film photography! My New Year’s resolutions for photography are to clean up and organize my photo library and to explore some new neighborhoods in the city as well. The act of taking photos is only one part of the process. The weeding out and the processing another. And then the cataloguing of them. The archiving. Life has a way of keeping me pretty busy. Oh and I am going to be working on some new techniques and refining ones that I already use. What will you do with your photography in 2017? I have many different suggested photo tours and a couple of street photography workshops each month if you’re interested in trying out new things. You can see reviews from previous customers on my site as well. This photo was taken during a Street Photography Photo Tour of Chinatown, October 2016. Happy New Year!chinatown-corner

Photo Tours and Workshops

So the difference between photo tours and street photography workshops is a question that comes up on occasion. If you are new to New York City or you have an interest in exploring neighborhoods while taking photos, a photo tour is your best choice. A photo tour is always one on one and the neighborhood as well as camera techniques are included depending on your specific interests. And the date of a photo tour is mutually agreed upon based on our schedules.

A street photography workshop is a group of people who specifically register to work on street photography techniques. We do discuss the neighborhood to a degree and I gear it to the needs of the group and the individuals. At the moment, street photography workshops are always on Sundays and I typically schedule 2 workshops per month.

If you have more questions about the difference between the two, I am happy to answer by emailraining on Fifth Avenue

Oh the possibilities!

Oh the possibilities! Street art in NYC. There are so many possibilities for different kinds of tours of this large and diverse city! I always try to get as much information about each person’s interests to create a unique tour that tailors to that desire. I do have a number of suggested tours. But that is just a short list that needs to be expanded! One of the possible tours not listed on my website is for street art. We have an amazing collection of street art in NYC. The photo below is just one of many street art walls in the city.garbage and art.jpg

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I am looking forward to some much needed down time. Just enough to energize and gear up for the new year! I have been very fortunate to meet so many amazing people and provide photo tours and workshops for them! It already looks like a good start on 2017 as well! Thanks to everyone. Wishing you all the best!happy-holidays

busy city, busy life

Had computer problems for a few days and wasn’t able to access my photos! A real state of emergency in my world! But problems are resolved! Here’s a photo taken on a recent photo tour in Greenwich Village. We were working on intentional camera movement and motion blur. If that’s something of interest we can do that on your tour.

Review by Claudia, Ontario, Canada

“Street Photography Tour with Leanne Staples. I had a great day with Leanne! Love the way how she shares her knowledge about New York and Photography. Street photography looks easier as it is, so Leannes input was a great help but also a great eye opener to see photography different. Getting a clean shot of portrait you can direct and make a set up is a totally different sport as getting a photo of the street.
Time flies when you are having fun? That’s absolutely true! It was a well spend afternoon. It felt like I know Leanne way more longer as today, she is a very pleasant person and thanks to her I got my “Baldwin moment”! Next time when I am in NYC I will definitely book another workshop. With Leanne I saw a different way of taking photos but also a different side of NYC! Thanks!” – Claudia, Ontario, Canada