Number 5 – Slow Photography

When we go out shooting street photography in workshops or photo tours I always like to start with composition. To find a background  that has appeal. And there are many possibilities. It is too easy to want to move quickly in this fast paced city. I like to find either shadows or light, street art or repetitive patterns or even advertisements as a background AND then wait for people to come into the frame. Perhaps we could call it slow photography. To take your time and wait for the shot. I always tailor tour and workshops to the interests of each individual to help them find and achieve those things. To find your style. number 5.jpg

Street photography in Brooklyn

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop is in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn also known as Little Odessa on 12 February. It is a fabulous neighborhood. So much character and a real sense of timelessness. I’ve led many Photo Tours and Street Photography Workshops there and I never tire of it. I always come away with some fabulous photos. There are a few spots still available and you can also read some reviews of by people who have previously participated in workshops and photo tours on my site.brighton-beach-market

The word photographer

The word photographer can be an intimidating one. Some people who take my photo tours and workshops hesitate to call themselves photographers as if you need to know everything! People at all levels of photographic experience take part in both and are all welcome. So don’t worry that you need to be an expert. We always have fun experiencing the city, talking, walking, taking photos and sharing them.chinese-theory

Williamsburg Photo Tour

Was on a photo tour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn earlier this month. We had a fabulous time and came across some very cool street art like the piece shown in this photo. I don’t currently have Williamsburg listed on my suggested photo tours but you can request it! And if you’d like to read the review of that tour you can find it on my site! williamsburg-street-art

Happy Chinese New Year!

I was recently out with a great group of photographers for a Sunday Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown! We walked and talked and took many photos. We didn’t mind that it was a little cold. We mostly go to the less touristy parts of Chinatown. And it is a really big neighborhood. I always am able to get at least a few photos that I like out it. We talk about different aspects of composition, street photography, shadows, light and New York City, to name a few things. And we always have a great time!or-littering

Chinatown Street Photography Workshop

Chinatown is a fabulous neighborhood for both urban landscapes and street photography. Much of Chinatown looks exactly like it has for more that 25 years. It is full of character and has always been a favorite part of New York city for me. The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown will be on 5 March. Workshops are always limited to 6 people so that I can work with each participant individually as well as to the group as a whole. You can also see a list of my other Workshops on my

Valentine’s Day is near!

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the photographer in your life? I offer Photography Workshops and also one on one Photo Tours for all levels of photographers. We explore different neighborhoods in New York City while exploring different aspects of photography. From street photography to urban landscapes to creative photography techniques and composition. I’ve had many previous customers who’ve attended workshops and photo tours as a gift from their loved ones and you can read some reviews from previous customers on my website. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy shooting!love love love.jpg

Review by Axel, Potsdam, Germany

“Fantastic Phototour in NYC! If you are a hobby photographer, looking for something special to do while in NY, you should not miss this tour: Leanne is a real tour guide and a professional photographer, so her tours will give you both: Sightseeing, and learning how to take great pictures, or improving your pictures. I booked her for a 6 hour walking tour through Williamsburg/ Brooklyn, and parts of Chinatown/ Manhattan on Jan. 21, 2017, and the tour could not have been better; I am sharing some of the pictures I have taken. Leanne is super nice, a great company, and lots of fun to talk to and to learn from. I will definitely book another tour with her the time I will be in NY, and recommend her to my friends who will travel to NYC!” – Axel, Potsdam, Germany.