Chinatown Red

New York City is fabulous for street photography. Opportunities can be found everywhere! Chinatown, Harlem, Soho, Midtown, Brighton Beach etc. The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re new to street photography or you’ve been doing it for some time, there’s something for everyone in my Street Photography Workshops. As well, if you’re taking a private photo tour and you’re interested in street photography we can do that. My photo tours are customized for your particular interests. You can also find reviews by previous workshop attendees and photo tour customers on my site. Both workshops and tours are a great way to explore this city and photographic

love is in the air

Love is in the air and on doorways and everywhere in this city! Out shooting today. Spouses are buying registrations for street photography workshops for their loved ones! What a great idea! Very thoughtful spouses! Photos and the experience of a workshop will last longer than a box of chocolates! But chocolate is very cool too! heart-number-68

A Family That Shoots Together!

In December 2015, I had the pleasure of providing a photo tour in Harlem to a family from Lisbon, Portugal. We had a fabulous time and took many great photos together, street photography and urban landscapes. As so often happens, I consider them friends and they invited me to stay with them if I ever make it to their neighborhood! Photo tours are always about choosing a neighborhood that you would most like to explore based on the kinds of photos that you would like to capture. I always offer advice on composition and different photographic techniques. And my tours are always about the spirit of place. Gaining a real feel about the area and the people. You can read a review from this tour on my site. Tours are always customized to your interests!luc

Bowie TV

On a recent photo tour of the East Village we came across this street art of the amazing David Bowie. He lived just a few blocks away from this piece. There is always something new to discover and photograph in New York City. I have a number of suggested photo tours and I also customize my tours at no additional expense. Are you ready to discover this city? Bowie TV, December 2016.Bowie TV.jpg

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I am looking forward to some much needed down time. Just enough to energize and gear up for the new year! I have been very fortunate to meet so many amazing people and provide photo tours and workshops for them! It already looks like a good start on 2017 as well! Thanks to everyone. Wishing you all the best!happy-holidays

Brighton Beach Street Photography

The next Sunday Street Photography Workshop is in Brighton Beach on Sunday 4 December. Little Odessa is a throw back to another era and a truly unique neighborhood in New York City. It is fabulous for street photography and exploring a rich culture and fabulous food! I’m dreaming about a bowl of Borscht now! The workshop is limited to 6 people.afternoon in Little Odessa