On Lafayette Street

Training the eye to see in frames, in composition is something that I guess I take for granted. I don’t know how I started to see in frames or even when I did. It is an ever ongoing process. My eyes, my vision is always searching for new ways to see and capture things. I could say that it is rather an automatic process. Like a runner, running. That said, not all days are equal. Some are certainly better than others. I like to call it synchronicity when I find myself in the right place at the right time. And maybe it’s also called making my luck. For that reason it is good to be patient and to move slowly and attempt to really soak in my surroundings. In my workshops we always look at different ways to see things and different ways to compose a shot. Composition is typically the thing that will make or break a shot. The aspect that will give it a lasting effect. – On Lafayette Street, 9 April 2017.on Lafayette Street

rainy day blues

Creative photography is my goal. It is always what I hope to achieve. Creativity in any of the arts is always an ongoing process. There isn’t anything scientific about it. It’s always about making mistakes and experimenting. Creative photography isn’t about technical precision. Even repeatable processes yield different results.My techniques are ever evolving and my tastes are changing. Sometimes they are dictated by my mood. I have been working on a new series with cinematic frames. Many are drive-by shooting photos on rainy days like the photo here taken on 16 April 2017 during a torrential rain. I give credit to my impatience as a source of discovering creative techniques. If you’re interested in learning more creative techniques in photography, I have a workshop in Bushwick on Sunday 14 May. – rainy day blues.rainy day blues

photo projects

At any given time I can be working on 5 different photo projects simultaneously! What can I say? That’s my style. Many photographers focus on a single theme and they do that really well and they become known for that. I have a few different street photography projects and also a few different photo-based art projects as well. This photo is from a new series Urban Bliss Two, which are in-camera double exposure photos. I like to experiment with the limits of photography and art. Urban Bliss two #5 2 April 2017. I have a workshop in Bushwick where we explore creative methods in photography.Urban Bliss Two 5

Rainy Day Union Square

Yes, I love taking photos on rainy days! Capturing raindrops on windows and umbrellas are a big favorite of mine. There are days when I can find a million things to photograph and days when I spend my time processing them. It’s all part of the process. Since I started shooting with mirrorless cameras it’s easy for me to always have a camera with me and if the mood strikes, I shoot. No pressure. The worst thing is to leave the house without a camera only to wish that I had one with me! I recently had minor outpatient surgery. So I’m taking it easy for a few weeks and I rescheduled my April workshops. I have 3 workshops scheduled for May! Coney Island, Bushwick and East Harlem. Rainy Day Union Square, 31 March 2017.Union Square rainy day

Coney Island Street Photography

So I confess, I still haven’t finished weeding out my photos from the 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade! And we’re only 2 months away from the 2017 parade! I’m working on it now! So many photos, so little time! I have an upcoming Street Photography Workshop in Coney Island on Sunday 7 May! Coney Island is always fabulous fun to photograph even without the Mermaid Parade! Spaces are filling up already so don’t wait. 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Harlem street photography

When shooting street photography it is my aim for people to not notice me when I am taking their photo. That said, on my workshops we often meet people on the street and I ask them if we can photograph them. We do some street portraits as well! There are many fabulous people to meet on the streets in New York City! I have 3 upcoming workshops listed on my site if you want to go out and experience some neighborhoods and shoot street photography and maybe even street portraits as well! Easter Sunday in Harlem – 16 April 2017Easter Sunday in Harlem 2

Easter Sunday in Harlem

Here’s another photo from the Street Photography Workshop in Harlem yesterday. Every Sunday you will find many people all dressed-up for church. But yesterday was Easter Sunday! Even more people were dressed up! I always try to capture a photo with people unaware of me if possible. But when people see me taking their photo, I just smile. It’s very rare that they are upset about having their photo taken. And often people ask to have their photo taken! You can see information about upcoming workshops and reviews on my site. Photo taken 16 April 2017.Easter Sunday in Harlem

Sunday in the Barrio

Harlem never disappoints me! There’s always fabulous street photography! And the weather was great! We had a really good time on the workshop and I have a few photos that I quite like! I am looking forward to seeing the photos from the attendees. Next Sunday is the new El Barrio Street Photography Workshop. We can call it Harlem Part 2, as I have divided them up so that we can spend more time in each neighborhood. They are both large and worthy of a whole 4 hour workshop. You can register online and there is a maximum or 6 people so I can work with everyone. This photo was taken today, 16 April 2017, during the Harlem Workshop in El Barrio.Sunday in the Barrio.jpg

Sunday afternoon in Harlem

We have beautiful weather today for the Harlem Street Photography Workshop! And I’m looking forward to it. There are always great photos to be captured and we always have a good time! Next Sunday 23 April is the El Barrio/East Harlem Street Photography Workshop! East Harlem is a big favorite of mine. What are your interests in street photography? Is it about overcoming your fear of photographing people you don’t know? Or maybe taking your street photography to the next level? And also exploring a neighborhood you haven’t been to before? Workshops are limited to 6 people so that I can work with each person individually as well as with the group. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Register online at link.Sunday on 125th street