photo projects

At any given time I can be working on 5 different photo projects simultaneously! What can I say? That’s my style. Many photographers focus on a single theme and they do that really well and they become known for that. I have a few different street photography projects and also a few different photo-based art projects as well. This photo is from a new series Urban Bliss Two, which are in-camera double exposure photos. I like to experiment with the limits of photography and art. Urban Bliss two #5 2 April 2017. I have a workshop in Bushwick where we explore creative methods in photography.Urban Bliss Two 5

Rainy Day Union Square

Yes, I love taking photos on rainy days! Capturing raindrops on windows and umbrellas are a big favorite of mine. There are days when I can find a million things to photograph and days when I spend my time processing them. It’s all part of the process. Since I started shooting with mirrorless cameras it’s easy for me to always have a camera with me and if the mood strikes, I shoot. No pressure. The worst thing is to leave the house without a camera only to wish that I had one with me! I recently had minor outpatient surgery. So I’m taking it easy for a few weeks and I rescheduled my April workshops. I have 3 workshops scheduled for May! Coney Island, Bushwick and East Harlem. Rainy Day Union Square, 31 March 2017.Union Square rainy day

Mulberry Street

Every once in awhile it is still possible to get a photo in this city that doesn’t give away the year that the photo was taken. This photo could’ve been taken 30-40 years ago! When I’m out taking photos and giving photo tours I like to be aware of the timelessness that is possible to capture. It still exists! Not everything is entirely modern and new! Photo taken 24 March 2017 on photo tour.Mulberry Street_

Coney Island Street Photography

So I confess, I still haven’t finished weeding out my photos from the 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade! And we’re only 2 months away from the 2017 parade! I’m working on it now! So many photos, so little time! I have an upcoming Street Photography Workshop in Coney Island on Sunday 7 May! Coney Island is always fabulous fun to photograph even without the Mermaid Parade! Spaces are filling up already so don’t wait. 2016 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Rainy Manhattan

The weather on any given day provides the color palette for a photo. If there isn’t enough color or too much color I might choose to process in b&w. There’s a certain kind of light on a rainy day that is quite nice. Photography is a process for me which always holds a bit of surprise. When I see the photos I will decide how they should be processed. I like both b&w and color though I definitely lean towards having a better appreciation for black and white photography. Regardless, rain and umbrellas are fabulous for photography. Manhattan

Review by Emma, Perth, Australia

“Great guide to the “locals” New York. Leanne was a fantastic tour guide, she catered to all of our needs and made the tour very enjoyable. We came with 16 students and only a few were actually interested in photography – however, every single student came away raving about the tour and loved the experience. Leanne met us at a convenient location and then took us to Chinatown. We explored the non-touristy parts of the location and were given great subjects and locations to shoot. Our students also had great fun acting as models and shooting on site. We will definitely do this again on our next tour to New York.” – Emma, Perth, Australia – class trip, April 2017. class trip_

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is one of the most well known buildings in the city. I have photographed it many times and I’m always looking for new ways to photograph things. To do it differently. I used to think that it was important to capture the whole building. Photography has changed for me over time and I am constantly redefining what works for me. This photo was taken 10 April 2017 during a photo tourThe Guggenheim

Harlem street photography

When shooting street photography it is my aim for people to not notice me when I am taking their photo. That said, on my workshops we often meet people on the street and I ask them if we can photograph them. We do some street portraits as well! There are many fabulous people to meet on the streets in New York City! I have 3 upcoming workshops listed on my site if you want to go out and experience some neighborhoods and shoot street photography and maybe even street portraits as well! Easter Sunday in Harlem – 16 April 2017Easter Sunday in Harlem 2

The Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is still one of the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you live here or you’re in the know, it’s called L.E.S. spelled out. There are many independent businesses there and some good street art as well. I do photo tours in this neighborhood all the time. Either as an extension of the Chinatown Photo Tour or the East Village Tour. All of my tours are customized to your interests. You can see reviews on my site and also a video of me on the home page. See and photograph a real neighborhood in the city and experience the Real New York.The Lower East Side