Review by Fred, Albany, New York

“Bushwick Street Art Tour – The Bushwick Street Art photo tour was wonderful! This is my second tour with Leanne and she is very knowledgeable about photography and the neighborhoods where she tours. She shows you different photo techniques and is able to explain the neighborhood environments. The tour is a worth while experience!” – Fred, Albany, New York. in Bushwick

Review by Muna, San Antonio, Texas

“Bushwick Street Art Tour. Loved my experience with Leanne! It was an awesome tour and I got to meet Fred, who was the most wonderful man. We took a tour around Bushwick, got some great shots, stopped for coffee! This is a must, if you’re in New York and want to see a different side of the city!” – Muna, San Antonio, Texas. Bushwick

Brooklyn Style

So I’m an extrovert! I like talking to people on the street! And it’s typical of me to start up a conversation with someone on the street during a workshop. I ask them if we can take their photo. For the most part when we’re doing street photography it’s not with permission and perhaps not even with their knowledge. But it’s also fun to meet the people as well. I’m not only a photographer. I am also a licensed New York City Tour Guide. You can say that my knowledge and experience in the neighborhoods lends to my enthusiasm about them. I love this city and photography! So when you take a workshop you get both! – Brooklyn Style, 14 May 2017 at the Bushwick Street Art Workshop.Brooklyn Style

hip hop style in Brooklyn

Oh Bushwick! Such a very cool neighborhood! We’ll see how long that lasts. Gentrification has a way of following cool neighborhoods. We had a great time for the Bushwick Workshop! Never a dull moment! And we have great photos to show for it. What a day! – hip hop style in Brooklyn 14 May 2017. hip hop style.jpg

Coney Island Crew

Tattoo anyone? Gotta love Coney Island. It is fabulous for street photography! This photo was taken at the Coney Island Street Photography Workshop on 7 May 2017. I don’t have another workshop scheduled for Coney Island yet. I’m thinking about possibly doing one in June or July. In the meantime, I do photo tours in Coney Island and you can see information on my website for them. The next street photography workshop will be in East Harlem on 21 May.Coney Island crew

boys having fun

Street Photography is never planned or expected. It’s really about having your eyes open to the possibilities around you. Once you feel somewhat comfortable using your camera you can use more of your attention to “see” what’s going on around you and capture those moments. In my street photography workshops we work on both depending on the particular needs of the attendees. The number one thing that differentiates a good photo for me is composition. So we always work on that as well. My next Street Photography Workshop will be in El Barrio/East Harlem on 21 May and there a few spaces still available.  – boys having fun, Coney Island Street Photography Workshop, 7 May 2017.boys having fun

Coney Island Workshop

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s Coney Island Workshop. Such a fabulous part of New York City! Tomorrow I’m giving a photo tour in Lower Manhattan. Sunday is a workshop in Bushwick, Brooklyn with a few spaces still available. I’ve recently been shooting in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Four out of five Boroughs. I guess I should try to make it to Staten Island soon. – 7 May 2017.Coney Island Workshop

Shooting Bushwick

Today we had a great time for the Coney Island Workshop! Next Sunday 14 May is the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. We spend time exploring the neighborhood and the incredible street art from street artists around the world. We also work on photographic techniques including creative techniques. And we do have some opportunities to capture street photography though this is not the may emphasis for this workshop. I work with each person individually and as a group so that everyone has an experience that matches their photographic needs and interests. Whether you are beginner or advanced their is something in it for both. If street photography is your main interest, I have a Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio on 21 May. This photo taken at the Bushwick Workshop 26 March 2017. Shooting Bushwick

In Greenpoint 4

Here’s another photo from my series in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and an example of intentional camera movement. Intentional camera movement or motion blur is one of the creative photography techniques in the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop which will be held on 14 May 2017. We explore the incredible street art and typically are able to get some street photography as well as abstract photography. There are still a few places available and you can register here.In Greenpoint 4