Sunday in El Barrio

We had a great time shooting street photography at the workshop in El Barrio today! It couldn’t have been better! Next workshop is in Harlem on Sunday 9 June. – Big Cans in El Barrio, 21 May 2017. cans in El Barrio

On Prince Street

New York City is such a fabulous city for street photography! I never tire of shooting street photography. It’s always different. It’s always new. This photo was taken during a photo tour of the lower East Side and Chinatown. My tours cover most of the city and are customized to your interests. You can see reviews of previous tours and workshops on my site. Photo tours are one-on-one and are a combination of exploring neighborhoods and photography at the same time. – On Prince Street, 24 March 2017.On Prince Street.jpg

In the Barrio

Street photography is both a physical and a mental workout. It demands that you keep your eyes open and you’re constantly moving. Even when you’re moving in place. Turning for a different perspective. It is for me the perfect form of exercise. All while discovering and rediscovering neighborhoods and being awed by humanity in all it’s various forms and expressions. Photo taken during a workshop on 16 April 2017. In the Barrio

Candy and Soda

The next Street Photography Workshop is all new and takes place in El Barrio/East Harlem on Sunday 21 May. I do love this neighborhood and the street photography is fabulous. If you’ve taken my Harlem Street Photography Workshop in the past when it included some of El Barrio, not to worry. The majority of this workshop is in a different area. Either way, this workshop has something for everyone no matter your level as I work with each person on an individual basis as well as working with the group. There are only a few spaces still available. This photo was taken 16 April 2017 during a workshop in El Barrio.candy and soda.jpg

On St Mark’s

St. Mark’s Place in the East Village. Oh the stories of what this neighborhood once was! The music and art scene when you could be a poor starving artist in New York City. Things have changed quite a bit but it has retained some of its old charm. Photo taken on a photo tour 21 March 2017.On St Mark's.jpg

Just do it in El Barrio

I’m looking forward to my newest Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio/East Harlem. It’s such a fabulous neighborhood. It used to be part of my Harlem Street Photography Workshop. But they are both very large neighborhoods and deserve to have their own workshops. We run the gamut of street photography techniques and it’s for people new to street or experienced. And we always have a great time! You can register online for my workshops. just do it-2