Upcoming Street Photography Workshops

I have 3 upcoming Street Photography Workshops that cover the remainder of May and the month of June. They are El Barrio on 21 May, Harlem on 4 June and Chinatown on 11 June. I will be scheduling July workshops in the coming weeks. – Smoking Lounge, January 2017 taken during a Chinatown Workshop. smoking lounge

Canal Street

Chinatown street photography during a photo tour. When people go to Chinatown they tend to go to the more touristy parts of it. Manhattan’s Chinatown is very big and I like to get back into it. That said, this photo was taken on the very busy Canal Street. Always something to photograph! – 21 November 2016.Canal Street

Chinatown on Photo Tour

On a recent photo tour we worked on creative techniques in photography. I especially like creating blur with intentional camera movement or manual focus to name a few. Here’s one of the photos that I took that day in Chinatown. I also have a Bushwick Creative Photography Workshop where we explore creative photography techniques including motion blur. – 9 May 2017Chinatown photography

Chinatown in color

Yesterday I was giving a photo tour of lower Manhattan including Chinatown. We had a great time and that tour was just a walk through of an upcoming class trip from a Texas university. We explored some common New York City sites while focusing on creativity. This tour isn’t listed in my suggested tours. We created it based on their interests. All of my tours are customizable to suit your preferences and class trips or larger groups are an option as well. You only need to contact me for us to be able to arrange that! You can see reviews on my site from previous attendees of both photo tours and workshops. Whether it’s urban landscapes, street photography or creative photography or all three, it’s all part of a photo tour and you can also choose the neighborhood that is of interest to you as well. And I do assist beginners with how to use their cameras as well. Chinatown in color-2

Street Photography Comes in Colors

I quite like when street photography illustrates a sense of place. When it is as much about the human element as the actual setting that the photograph was taken. And for me that is a particularly urban element! That’s just my style. Street photography comes in all kinds of styles and flavors! If you are interested in doing street photography as a beginner or looking to advance your street photography, I have a Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio aka East Harlem on 21 May. It’s a fabulous neighborhood and in many ways it’s a real throwback to a different time. There are a few spaces still available for this workshop and you can register on my site and see reviews from people who attended previous workshops.Oops in Chinatown

Easy Rider in Chinatown

In New York City we have the largest population of Chinese people in all of North America. AND we have 3 Chinatowns! I often do photo tours and I was doing some workshops in Manhattan’s Chinatown. There are moments when I sometimes think that I am in China and not in New York City. Since the 1980’s Chinatown has been a real favorite. I have been considering doing a street photography workshop in the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens if it seems that enough people will be interested in it. – Easy Rider, 11 April, 2017.easy rider

Review by Emma, Perth, Australia

“Great guide to the “locals” New York. Leanne was a fantastic tour guide, she catered to all of our needs and made the tour very enjoyable. We came with 16 students and only a few were actually interested in photography – however, every single student came away raving about the tour and loved the experience. Leanne met us at a convenient location and then took us to Chinatown. We explored the non-touristy parts of the location and were given great subjects and locations to shoot. Our students also had great fun acting as models and shooting on site. We will definitely do this again on our next tour to New York.” – Emma, Perth, Australia – class trip, April 2017. https://www.shootnewyorkcity.com/reviews/2017/4/19/review-by-emma-perth-australiaAustralian class trip_

Watching Chinese Television

Another photo in my recent color street photography series. Processing is one of the many things that we talk about during workshops and photos tours. It is a process that I quite enjoy. I don’t typically spend a lot of time processing an individual photo. The biggest decision is how to process a photo. I could’ve easily processed this b&w. And perhaps someday I will. But for now I quite like it in color. Watching Chinese Television, 2 April 2017.watching Chinese television

In the Mood for Color!

New York City never fails to present me with something worthy of photographing! I tend to photograph in the neighborhoods rather than the commercial areas of the city. Chinatown being one of my favorites. I typically start with composition and wait for people to come into my photograph when it comes to street photography. There are fewer and fewer independent businesses in NYC and I’m certain that at some point many of the places that I’ve photographed will no longer exist. If you’re interested in going out and shooting street photography I have a few workshops coming up including one in East Harlem on 23 April. It is limited to 6 people so don’t wait to register. I also have private one-on-one photo tours that are customized to your particular interests. This photo was taken during a Street Photography Workshop in Chinatown on 2 April 2017.mei mei flower shop

Chinatown with Graffiti

I was out giving a photo tour in Chinatown yesterday for a large group of students from Australia. The tour was a combination of history, culture and photography. It was their first time in America and they were very excited to see a city that represents so much to them through television and film. We had fun taking photos of each other and the urban landscape and some of them also did some street photography as well. Yes, I do class trips and larger groups as well and they are always customized to the interests of the group. – Chinatown with Graffiti, 11 April 2017Chinatown with graffiti