On St Mark’s

St. Mark’s Place in the East Village. Oh the stories of what this neighborhood once was! The music and art scene when you could be a poor starving artist in New York City. Things have changed quite a bit but it has retained some of its old charm. Photo taken on a photo tour 21 March 2017.On St Mark's.jpg

Astor Place rainy day

Rainy days are fabulous for photography! With Spring upon us we tend to get a fair amount of rain. Capturing umbrellas and raindrops are right there on the top of my list! No matter the weather, I try to find something to shoot whether it’s street photography or more abstract. Are you looking to up your photography? I have 3 workshops coming up in May – Coney Island, El Barrio and Bushwick. From street photography to composition to creativity. – Astor Place rainy day, 31 March 2017.Astor Place rainy day

Sunday afternoon in Harlem

We have beautiful weather today for the Harlem Street Photography Workshop! And I’m looking forward to it. There are always great photos to be captured and we always have a good time! Next Sunday 23 April is the El Barrio/East Harlem Street Photography Workshop! East Harlem is a big favorite of mine. What are your interests in street photography? Is it about overcoming your fear of photographing people you don’t know? Or maybe taking your street photography to the next level? And also exploring a neighborhood you haven’t been to before? Workshops are limited to 6 people so that I can work with each person individually as well as with the group. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Register online at link.Sunday on 125th street

Texting in the East Village

New Yorkers are fabulous! Such a sense of style and they are often so oblivious to everything else going on around them. Everywhere you go are people who are texting. Fortunately there are a few who actually stop to do it like this man. He was unaware that I took his photo. This photo was taken in the East Village on a recent photo tour. I have private photo tours and workshops which are scheduled and open to the first 6 people who register for them. We walk and talk exploring neighborhoods and talking about composition and street photography and they are always geared to the individual(s) involved. And you can see reviews from previous participants on my site. 21 March 2017.Texting in the East Village

East Village Go Go

I was out on a photo tour yesterday and I have a few shots that I like! Still making my way through them. We spent time in Greenwich Village, Soho and the East Village walking the streets and taking photos of buildings and puddle reflections as well as street photography and intentional camera movement. It was great fun! You can see information about that tour and others on my site. And you will also find reviews there about my tours and workshops. East Village Go Go, 21 March 2017.East Village go go

On Photo Tour Today!

Today I had a photo tour in Greenwich Village, Soho and the East Village. The weather was fabulous and it was partly sunny. So we had great shadows to work with. And we had a great time! The difference between a photo tour and a workshop is that a tour is private, one-on-one and we choose the date and place and what you want to do photographically. My workshops are prescheduled and people register online for them. A workshop is a maximum of 6 people and while the subject is somewhat fixed for a workshop I am flexible to the needs of the attendees. This photo was taken today, 21 March 2017 in the East Village, New York City.overthrow New York

Exploring the city with a camera

I moved to New York City in 1979 and I have always been fascinated by exploring neighborhoods. It is still one of my favorite things to do. Grab a camera and go! There are so many cool little neighborhoods to do that in. The Astor Place subway station, pictured here, is next to Cooper Union and wedged between the East Village and Noho (north of Houston Street.) It is a fabulous neighborhood to explore with a camera and it is part of the East Village Photo Tour. The history of this neighborhood is so amazing and I always talk about that as well as photographic opportunities and techniques. My photo tours are always about the spirit of place as well as photography. You can see reviews of previous photo tours and workshops on my site.astor-place

Neighborhoods in New York City

New York City has so many cool little neighborhoods. With little independent businesses. The East Village is just one of them. I am always fascinated by these little business like this miniature restaurant! There’s so much character to them and that’s where locals go. Whether you are visiting the city or you live here, there’s so much to discover. When we go out on a photo tour of a neighborhood we concentrate as much on photographic opportunities and techniques as we do on the individual character of the neighborhood. The spirit of place. The East Village is just one of many possible tours that we can do together.east-village-local-restaurant

The East Village

The East Village is one of many very cool neighborhoods in New York City. There are little independent businesses. Fabulous restaurants, bars, bodegas and street art. Once upon a time this area was all farmland. And it has a history of being an area where many artists, writers, musicians and performers lived when they were poor. The East Village is just one of many neighborhoods that we explore photographically on my photo tours. bright-day

Bowie TV

On a recent photo tour of the East Village we came across this street art of the amazing David Bowie. He lived just a few blocks away from this piece. There is always something new to discover and photograph in New York City. I have a number of suggested photo tours and I also customize my tours at no additional expense. Are you ready to discover this city? Bowie TV, December 2016.Bowie TV.jpg