Review by Drew, Saskatoon, Canada

“Street Photography with Leanne Staples – I have great hopes of becoming a better photographer than I am. I recently had the pleasure of doing a solo street shoot of Harlem and El Barrio with Leanne. I had a great afternoon and learned a lot about both NYC and street photography. This was an excellent opportunity.” – Drew, Saskatoon, Canada. Derby Day

Harlem 125th Street

125th Street is one of the main streets in Harlem. It’s a fabulous neighborhood. It’s great for street photography and the people are friendly. New Yorkers are often so distracted with their digital devices and getting to where they’re going that they often don’t even notice you taking their photo. When they do notice, they’re usually happy. If you want to explore Harlem with a camera and do street photography, I have a workshop coming up on 4 June and you can register for it online here. You can also schedule a photo tour of Harlem if you prefer a one-on-one approach. – Photo, Harlem 125th Street, 23 May 2017, on photo tour. 125th Street-2

Harlem hustle

I have upcoming Street Photography Workshops in East Harlem on 21 May and Harlem on 4 June both fabulous neighborhoods for street photography. This photo was taken during a photo tour in Harlem on 6 May 2017 – Harlem hustle.Harlem hustle

Upcoming Street Photography Workshops

I have 3 upcoming Street Photography Workshops that cover the remainder of May and the month of June. They are El Barrio on 21 May, Harlem on 4 June and Chinatown on 11 June. I will be scheduling July workshops in the coming weeks. – Smoking Lounge, January 2017 taken during a Chinatown Workshop. smoking lounge

Just do it in El Barrio

I’m looking forward to my newest Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio/East Harlem. It’s such a fabulous neighborhood. It used to be part of my Harlem Street Photography Workshop. But they are both very large neighborhoods and deserve to have their own workshops. We run the gamut of street photography techniques and it’s for people new to street or experienced. And we always have a great time! You can register online for my workshops. just do it-2

Stylish Harlem

Harlem is so fabulous! The people are so stylish! It’s such a unique neighborhood in New York City. And it is oh so much fun! I have just scheduled a Street Photography Workshop in Harlem for Sunday 4 June. You can register on my site. Don’t wait. Only 6 people per workshop. This photo was taken during the workshop on 16 April 2017.stylish Harlem