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Today the Shoot New York City Newsletter is being launched! You can subscribe to the newsletter here using the form at the bottom of each page. There is a 2 part authentication process. You need to respond to the email to confirm that you subscribed! The newsletter will include information about

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Enjoy and happy shooting! Building times two

Harlem 125th Street

125th Street is one of the main streets in Harlem. It’s a fabulous neighborhood. It’s great for street photography and the people are friendly. New Yorkers are often so distracted with their digital devices and getting to where they’re going that they often don’t even notice you taking their photo. When they do notice, they’re usually happy. If you want to explore Harlem with a camera and do street photography, I have a workshop coming up on 4 June and you can register for it online here. You can also schedule a photo tour of Harlem if you prefer a one-on-one approach. – Photo, Harlem 125th Street, 23 May 2017, on photo tour. 125th Street-2

Review by Mary Beth, New York City

“El Barrio Workshop – Excellent workshop! Leanne escorted us around El Barrio, taking us to areas I would never have found on my own. She also gave me lighting tips to help me get the type of shot I was seeking. I’m planning on taking another workshop with her this summer.” – Mary Beth, New York City.

El Barrio workshop 21 May 2

Review by Fred, Albany, New York

“Bushwick Street Art Tour – The Bushwick Street Art photo tour was wonderful! This is my second tour with Leanne and she is very knowledgeable about photography and the neighborhoods where she tours. She shows you different photo techniques and is able to explain the neighborhood environments. The tour is a worth while experience!” – Fred, Albany, New York. in Bushwick

Upcoming Street Photography Workshops

I have 3 upcoming Street Photography Workshops that cover the remainder of May and the month of June. They are El Barrio on 21 May, Harlem on 4 June and Chinatown on 11 June. I will be scheduling July workshops in the coming weeks. – Smoking Lounge, January 2017 taken during a Chinatown Workshop. smoking lounge

Candy and Soda

The next Street Photography Workshop is all new and takes place in El Barrio/East Harlem on Sunday 21 May. I do love this neighborhood and the street photography is fabulous. If you’ve taken my Harlem Street Photography Workshop in the past when it included some of El Barrio, not to worry. The majority of this workshop is in a different area. Either way, this workshop has something for everyone no matter your level as I work with each person on an individual basis as well as working with the group. There are only a few spaces still available. This photo was taken 16 April 2017 during a workshop in El Barrio.candy and soda.jpg

Just do it in El Barrio

I’m looking forward to my newest Street Photography Workshop in El Barrio/East Harlem. It’s such a fabulous neighborhood. It used to be part of my Harlem Street Photography Workshop. But they are both very large neighborhoods and deserve to have their own workshops. We run the gamut of street photography techniques and it’s for people new to street or experienced. And we always have a great time! You can register online for my workshops. just do it-2

Chinatown on Photo Tour

On a recent photo tour we worked on creative techniques in photography. I especially like creating blur with intentional camera movement or manual focus to name a few. Here’s one of the photos that I took that day in Chinatown. I also have a Bushwick Creative Photography Workshop where we explore creative photography techniques including motion blur. – 9 May 2017Chinatown photography

boys having fun

Street Photography is never planned or expected. It’s really about having your eyes open to the possibilities around you. Once you feel somewhat comfortable using your camera you can use more of your attention to “see” what’s going on around you and capture those moments. In my street photography workshops we work on both depending on the particular needs of the attendees. The number one thing that differentiates a good photo for me is composition. So we always work on that as well. My next Street Photography Workshop will be in El Barrio/East Harlem on 21 May and there a few spaces still available.  – boys having fun, Coney Island Street Photography Workshop, 7 May 2017.boys having fun