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Sunday in El Barrio

We had a great time shooting street photography at the workshop in El Barrio today! It couldn’t have been better! Next workshop is in Harlem on Sunday 9 June. – Big Cans in El Barrio, 21 May 2017. cans in El Barrio

Brooklyn Style

So I’m an extrovert! I like talking to people on the street! And it’s typical of me to start up a conversation with someone on the street during a workshop. I ask them if we can take their photo. For the most part when we’re doing street photography it’s not with permission and perhaps not even with their knowledge. But it’s also fun to meet the people as well. I’m not only a photographer. I am also a licensed New York City Tour Guide. You can say that my knowledge and experience in the neighborhoods lends to my enthusiasm about them. I love this city and photography! So when you take a workshop you get both! – Brooklyn Style, 14 May 2017 at the Bushwick Street Art Workshop.Brooklyn Style

Easy Rider in Chinatown

In New York City we have the largest population of Chinese people in all of North America. AND we have 3 Chinatowns! I often do photo tours and I was doing some workshops in Manhattan’s Chinatown. There are moments when I sometimes think that I am in China and not in New York City. Since the 1980’s Chinatown has been a real favorite. I have been considering doing a street photography workshop in the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens if it seems that enough people will be interested in it. – Easy Rider, 11 April, 2017.easy rider

Hipster hood

Bushwick is one of a few very hip neighborhoods in New York City! It is a combination of residential and warehouses. Not that many years ago it was a neighborhood that most New Yorkers would not go to. I have a Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop on Sunday 14 May. We discover the amazing street art there. Many of the walls are curated just like museums and the street art is made by street artists from around the world. We experiment with some creative photography techniques and we are able to get some street photography as well. There are only a few spaces for this workshop so don’t wait to register! This photo was taken 26 March 2017 during a workshop. There’s always new street art there and we always have fun!Hipster Hood

Street Photography & Motion Blur

Every once in awhile I am able to combine both street photography and motion blur in the same shot. Two of my favorite kinds of photography! It was a rainy afternoon in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A very cool neighborhood in the city. I started taking intentional camera movement photos while walking and talking with a friend. Without stopping. And simultaneously moving the camera to create blur. Perhaps I can call this action photography. I do enjoy trying out new things. I was prepared to throw out all the photos that I took that afternoon. But I was pleasantly surprised with a number of them. If you are interested in street photography and/or creative photography, I have 3 workshops coming up in May. – b&w in Greenpoint, 22 April 2017.B&W in Greenpoint 2

Watching Chinese Television

Another photo in my recent color street photography series. Processing is one of the many things that we talk about during workshops and photos tours. It is a process that I quite enjoy. I don’t typically spend a lot of time processing an individual photo. The biggest decision is how to process a photo. I could’ve easily processed this b&w. And perhaps someday I will. But for now I quite like it in color. Watching Chinese Television, 2 April 2017.watching Chinese television

Shadows in the Village

Photography is an activity that takes time. To capture a good shot can mean staying in the same place for awhile. I like to call it slow photography. When I saw this wall and the shadows and I decided to give it some time. In New York City on a Sunday afternoon in the Village with nice weather, it doesn’t take long for many people to pass by. But then there’s the chance of getting the one gesture, an expression! Patience is a virtue when being able to get the shot. And patience is not something that is typical to feel when you are in the midst of a really busy city. It takes a little practice. And I need to remind myself of that on a regular basis. There is great street photography to be had in this city and if you want to explore the city with a camera and learn more about street photography, I have a few workshops coming up in April and plenty of reviews if you want to hear what others say about them. Shadows in the Village, 2 April 2017.shadows in the Village

Urban Bliss series

This is another photo in my new Urban Bliss series. You can see the original Urban Bliss series on my website and also in issue one of Curious Frame. Double exposures are a lot of fun to make and I’m happy that I have a camera that has that feature. Photos are taken in close proximity to each other and perhaps provide an image that more fully includes the visual images in a particular place. If you want to work on double exposures, it is something that we can do on a photo tour or during the Bushwick Street Art & Creative Photography Workshop. Urban Bliss two, #3, 2 April 2017.urban bliss two 3