Review by Muna, San Antonio, Texas

“Bushwick Street Art Tour. Loved my experience with Leanne! It was an awesome tour and I got to meet Fred, who was the most wonderful man. We took a tour around Bushwick, got some great shots, stopped for coffee! This is a must, if you’re in New York and want to see a different side of the city!” – Muna, San Antonio, Texas. Bushwick

Till death do us part

If you are interested in shooting street photography in New York City, I have a number of workshops. Whether you are experienced in street photography and want to explore neighborhoods and look at different possible styles of street photography. Or you have an interest in it with little or no experience in street photography, no problem. My workshops run the gamut and are addressed to the group in general as well as working individually as well. My next workshop will be in East Harlem on 23 April and there are still a few spaces. You can register online and the weather has been looking really good lately. You can read reviews on the site as well. I also have a workshop in Bushwick on Sunday 30 April which is more about street art and creative photography. But we are able to get some street photography like the photo shown here from the workshop on 26 March 2017.Till death do us part

no standing

Whether you are new to street photography or are experienced with it, I have a number of workshops where we explore different neighborhoods and discuss different techniques to capture street photography and composition. We also work on creative in camera techniques as well. I am a licensed New York City Tour Guide and a photographer for many decades now. My next Street Photography Workshop is in East Harlem/El Barrio on 23 April. You can register online and also there are reviews from previous attendees as well. And we always have fun!no standing.jpg

Texting in the East Village

New Yorkers are fabulous! Such a sense of style and they are often so oblivious to everything else going on around them. Everywhere you go are people who are texting. Fortunately there are a few who actually stop to do it like this man. He was unaware that I took his photo. This photo was taken in the East Village on a recent photo tour. I have private photo tours and workshops which are scheduled and open to the first 6 people who register for them. We walk and talk exploring neighborhoods and talking about composition and street photography and they are always geared to the individual(s) involved. And you can see reviews from previous participants on my site. 21 March 2017.Texting in the East Village

step into the light

I was out giving a photo tour about 2 weeks ago in Greenwich Village & Soho. We did a lot of street photography. They’re New Yorkers and photographers! So I didn’t take them down any streets they haven’t been on. Well, maybe with the exception of Minetta Lane where this photo was taken. But that’s not the point. The tour experience and photography is always about seeing things with new eyes. How excellent that were able to capture such amazing shadows! And that we had a great time together. But we always work with the elements as they are provided to us. Some things can’t be planned. If you want to plan a photo tour with me you can see a number of my suggested tours and you can also contact me. That I can plan! You can also see reviews by people who have taken my tours in the past. – step into the light, 21 March 2017step into the light

Street Photography Workshops in Harlem

Never a dull moment in this city. Especially in Harlem. The people are truly amazing in Harlem and East Harlem. If you’re interested in shooting street photography but you don’t know how or maybe you have a fear of it or even that you aren’t familiar with the neighborhoods, I have a few upcoming workshops for you. You might also like to take a workshop to meet other fellow photogs and go out shooting together. The next two workshops are Harlem Street Photography on Sunday 16 April (almost sold out) and the newest workshop El Barrio or East Harlem Street Photography. Workshops are limited to 6 people and I work with the group and each person individually. AND we always have fun. You can see reviews on my site from previous attendees. This photo was taken 19 February 2017 during a workshop.on 125th Street

Nolita stroll

On a recent photo tour, we wandered through the East Village, Nolita, Chinatown and the Lower East Side with an emphasis on street photography. I have a number of suggested tours which can all be customized or we can start from scratch and create a photo tour that is based on the style of photography and/or neighborhood that interests you. Whether you’re new to New York City or you’ve lived here all your life. And whether you’re new to photography or very experienced at it. You can see reviews on my site that run the gamut of experience and knowledge of the city. A photo tour is private and it could be one-on-one or you can be a group of up to 4 people. If you’re interested, I also do photo tours for larger groups. Nolita stroll

Sunday afternoon in Harlem

People love to get dressed up in Harlem. Especially on Sundays. The men and women wear hats. Fabulous hats with style and character. Once upon a time wearing hats was more common. I’m not talking about baseball caps! There are so many things to photograph in New York City! Harlem is a favorite neighborhood for street photography and in general. The next Harlem Street Photography Workshop is Sunday 16 April. There a few spaces available. It’s a maximum of 6 people and it’s good for all levels of experience. You can see reviews from previous attendees here on my site.Sunday afternoon in Harlem

Soho & Greenwich Village Tour

You don’t have to be a tourist to go on one of my Photo Tours! Photo tours are customized to your particular interests. Whether it’s the neighborhood or the style of photography that you are looking to achieve. And they’re good for amateur photographers as well as professionals. Oh, and by the way, amateur comes from the word love! I hope that we are all amateurs, that we have a love of photography and they like tourists, we see the city with new eyes. If you want to read a review by a New Yorker who recently did the Soho & Greenwich Village PhotoTour you can read it here! A photo tour is good for up to 4 people. So you can get together a few friends and do it together! Or for larger groups just send me an email and we can arrange something. We always have a good time and you can see other reviews on my site as way in Soho

Harlem & El Barrio Workshops

Today Chinatown and in 2 weeks is Harlem. Harlem is a very large neighborhood. We cover some territory in East Harlem also called El Barrio and also Harlem proper. The workshop on Sunday 16 April might be my last Harlem Street Photography Workshop that covers both areas. As I now have an El Barrio Street Photography Workshop on Sunday 23 April as well so that we can explore more of each of the neighborhoods. They are both fabulous neighborhoods and great for street photography. No matter what level you are in street photography or even as a photographer. I work with everyone as a group and also individually. And we always have a great time! You can read reviews of previous participants on my site. Happy shooting and happy spring!Harlem workshop 12 March